Course Contents

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    • Induction Day - Welcome to The Academy Intake 4!

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    • HGA Member Logo

    • Add Business Listing on Global Holistic Grooming Directory

    • Student Workbook To Download

    • Full Course Content Units To Download

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    • How To Save and Submit A Unit For Marking

    • Sending Video Evidence As Part Of Your Assessments

    • Unit Layout Example

    • Common FAQs

    • Marking Criteria Guide

  4. 5
    • MARCH Webinar: Vet Sophie Bell on Skin Disorders, Identifying Pain and Vet Relationships

    • POSTPONED DUE TO SICKNESS. APRIL Webinar: Laura Donaldson on The Anatomy of Whiskers - Shave or Not To Shave?

    • MAY Webinar: Helen Motteram on Positive Dog Training Tips

    • JUNE Webinar: Dean Marks, Qualified Pet Bereavement Counsellor on Pet Bereavement and Handling Grief

    • SEPTEMBER Webinar: SPECIAL GUEST!!!! Dr Marc Bekoff on The Emotional Lives of Animals - The Significance of Grooming!

    • STILL TO CONFIRM Webinar: Andy Hale - Part Two, The Psychology of Self Care

  5. 6
    • Welcome to Unit One with Stephanie

    • Unit One Self Care Course Content

    • Courtney Fisher takes us through Self-Care, Personal Development and Meditation.

    • Caroline Wilkinson Talks Students Through Self-Selection (Holistic Therapy)

    • Dr Isla Fishburn Delivers An Exclusive Meditation for HGA Students

    • An Introduction To Tai Chi-huahua with Dr Ava Frick EBook Download

    • Resources and Recommended Reading

  6. 7
    • Welcome to Unit 2 with Stephanie

    • Unit Two Canine Behaviour Course Content

    • Pain in Pets E-Book by Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSC(honsII) – The Healing Vet

    • Resources and Recommended Reading

    • Marc Bekoff and Stephanie discuss grooming, dogs and the significance of emotion and consent.

  7. 8
    • Welcome to Unit Three with Stephanie

    • Unit Three Grooming Environment Course Content

    • Unit Three Resources and Further Reading

  8. 9
    • Welcome to Unit Four with Stephanie

    • Unit Four Course Content

    • Resources and Further Reading

  9. 10
    • Welcome to Unit Five with Stephanie

    • Unit Five Course Content

    • Further Reading and Resources

  10. 11
    • Welcome to Unit Six with Stephanie

    • Unit Six Course Content

    • Further Reading and Resources

  11. 12
    • Welcome to Unit Seven with Stephanie

    • Unit Seven Course Content

    • Further Reading and Resources

  12. 13
    • Welcome to Unit Eight with Stephanie

    • Unit Eight Course Content

    • Senior Dog Care Guide E-Book by Dr Ava Frick

    • Senior Dog Care Summit Playbook PDF EBook

    • Further Reading and Resources

  13. 14
    • Relationship Retention Part One

    • Unit Nine Part One Course Content

    • Relationship Building Part 2

    • Unit Nine Part Two Course Content

    • Further Reading and Resources

  14. 15
    • Course Content for Product and Skin Care

    • Holistic Health Care PDF Ebook by Dr Ava Frick

    • Further Reading and Resources

  15. 16
    • Obtaining Your Certificate

  16. 17
    • Get Publicity and Share Your Certification With The World!

    • WEBINAR: Pet Publicity with Rachel Spencer

    • Marketing Tips with Stephanie

    • I'm A Certified Holistic Groomer A2 Poster - Low Resolution (Not Suitable For Printing - Order Via HGA)

    • I'm A Holistic Dog Groomer Tri-Fold Flyer - Low Resolution (Not Suitable For Printing - Order Via HGA)

Your Tutor - The Holistic Dog Groomer

The Holistic Dog Groomer

Stephanie Zikmann

Multi-Award Winning Holistic Dog Groomer, Certified Canine Behaviourist, Qualified and Insured Microchip Implanter, KAD Instructor, and Pet Ambassador Dog Trainer. Professional Writer for Edition Dog Magazine. Featured in BBC Scotland, Entrepreneur Europe, Whippet Media, The Paw Post, K9 Nation, Barket Place, Bark Aid, Thrive Global, and Medium. Number One Amazon Bestselling Author of 'The Magic of Holistic Grooming' and children's picture book, 'I Can Be A Dog Detective!'. Mother of two human-children and four of the furry variety too!

Course Tutor - HGA Diploma

Laura Thorpe

Bonus material

As a student of the HGA you will also have access to some amazing bonuses to help you on your path to a more holistic approach!

  • Holistic Grooming Directory

    Add your business entry to our inhouse and global directories for increased traffic, and to show the world your commitment to a more canine-centred practice! This is a great way to raise your profile as a credible holistic groomer! Upon achieving your certification you will get a "certified" banner above your entry for extra recognition!

  • Webinars

    As part of our ongoing commitment to our students, we regularly invest in hiring pet industry experts to host webinars, live Q&A's and workshops relevant to your course work. These resources are all safely stored in a private dashboard which is only accessible to students and members of The HGA. These can be watched back again at any time throughout the duration of your studies.

  • Supportive Network Community

    Having a reliable emotional support network is crucial in our self-care which is why we have created a Facebook community exclusively available to our students and members! Here you will be able to get direct help from our tutors and build fruitful friendships with fellow students at the same time. Tune in to our monthly student check-ins for additional accountability!

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