About The Holistic Grooming Academy

Achieving Low Stress Grooming Through Science Endorsed Techniques

The Holistic Grooming Academy delivers an exceptional standard of education and support to its students from passionate and experienced tutors and mentors.

We have helped over 100 professional groomers achieve:

  • Positive & Low Stress Grooming Environments
  • Low Stress & Cooperative Grooming Relationships
  • Efficient & Ethical Grooming Methods & Techniques
  • Maximum Customer Retention & Professional Networking Opportunities



    Advancing our students' knowledge to deliver science-endorsed methods that will increase their confidence in handling "difficult" dogs and cats using positive and ethical techniques that reflect a more animal-centred perspective.


    Through the implementation of updated behaviour and training theory and practical methods in the context of grooming, students are able to work with dogs and cats in a way that promotes safety and achieves cooperation


    Supporting our students as they transition to a more holistic practice involves encouraging them to invest in their own self care, implementing exercises and tasks designed to prevent a build up of stress.

How we started & academy achievements

The Academy was founded in 2020 by Bestselling Author and Qualified Professional Groomer and Behaviourist, Stephanie Zikmann.

It has went on to recognised and awarded for 'Best Holistic Pet Grooming Company - UK 2021' and 'Best Holistic Grooming Course Provider - Scotland 2022' the Luxlife Awards among other awards.

We have been awarded 'Scotland's Best Innovative Pet Business 2022' at Scottish Pet Awards.

We have been awarded "Best Pet Related Business 2022" at the Animal Star Awards.

Our latest nominations are for "Best Online Course and Training Provider 2023" at The CPD Awards.

We have featured in numerous media outlets as part of several prestigious events and conferences including Puppy Summit 2022, Pupfest 2021, Walking Into Winter 2020 and 2022 and more.

Our mission is to support and encourage professional groomers to invest and learn updated and science-endorsed ways to ethically work with animals in a positive, low-stress, animal-centred way.

Affiliations & Accreditations

We are proud to be supported by some of the worlds most well-respected pioneers in ethical training & research within the Pet Care Sector including, Ethologist Dr Marc Bekoff; Founder of Pet Professional Network, Helen Motteram; Founder of Barket Place, Caroline Wilkinson; Founder of Welfare for Animals, Ruby Leslie; and Founder of the Do No Harm® community, Linda Michaels M.A Psychology.

All of our Diploma's are accredited through the Complementary Medical Association and Certified through CPDUK demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest standard of education all from the comfort of your own home.

We are currently working towards obtaining Governed Qualification Status via the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

Our Friends & Associations Include:

ICAN The International Companion Animal Network
The DWA The Dog Welfare AllianceC
CMA The Complementary Medical Association
CPDUK The CPD Certification Service Training Provider
WFA Welfare for Animals Organisation
Barket Place
Association of INTODogs
Locke's Dogs
We are for you if:
  • You are passionate about constantly learning more to make your services better
  • You have a strong interest in how to work with dogs in a way that they feel safe
  • You are looking for the next step in your education to advance your skills
  • You constantly turn away dogs that are labelled "difficult" or "aggressive" because you are fearful you'll get bit
  • You feel your confidence and handling could be better around some dogs
  • You have dogs on your books who seem to struggle with the grooming process and you want to make it better
  • You would like to be able to help dogs with trauma so that they never have to be groomed under sedation again
  • You are wanting to show the world your value and be able to charge a lot more for your bespoke services
  • You would like to feel supported amongst fellow groomers who want to see you succeed
  • You feel you are constantly in 'burnout' mode and struggle to get to the end of the month!
We are not for you if:
  • You are not willing to keep an open-heart and mind in learning new concepts
  • You believe that dominance-theory is the best way to communicate with dogs
  • You are not supportive to your peers and find that you want to compete rather than work together to make the industry a better place
  • You are not interested in dedicating time to learning updated methods that will help improve the standard of care you provide
  • You actively support and endorse alpha-based handling and training methods with no desire to try something less punitive
  • You don't have a passion for learning and would rather continue doing things the exact same way you were originally taught
  • You have no real love or passion for animals really and are only grooming to make money until something better comes along
  • You feel you are already achieving the most you possibly can and therefore don't need to take another course