The Holistic Grooming Academy

Helping Professional Groomers Achieve A More Relaxing Grooming Experience.

An Internationally Recognised Distance-Learning College Delivering Science-Endorsed Courses in Positive, Low Stress Pet Grooming.

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It's Time To Make Your Grooming Salon More Cooperative!

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One of the biggest complaints from Professional Groomers is struggling to groom 'difficult' dogs.

Not knowing how to observe and communicate with dogs in a way they understand leads to frustration and desperation.

The Holistic Grooming Diploma is the answer to all of those problems and is suitable for groomers who are:

  • fed up failing clients expectations when they have to send home dogs incomplete because they are non-cooperative.
  • looking for practical and easy-to-implement techniques and methods that are guaranteed to achieve a more positive grooming experience for all
  • interested in developing their skills in a way that exceeds client expectation and provides them with the confidence to increase their prices to reflect their value

Hi, I'm Stephanie Zikmann.
I created The Holistic Grooming Academy for people just like you...

During my training days I quickly realised that the professional grooming curriculum lacked a great deal when considering the emotional needs of dogs and cats, and how to accommodate to their needs within the context of grooming.

It seemed obvious to me that the majority of dogs in the salon were unhappy and distressed with the demands of our roles, and it made me curious to dig deeper to find out why.

I spent the next three years studying canine behaviour and psychology before obtaining my official qualification, which then spurred me on to develop a course that would focus more on grooming from a dog's perspective.

Fast forward two years and I now help over 100 students enhance the service they provide to their clients, while building their confidence and competence in handling any situation with less stress.

I would love to help you achieve the same results in your salon too!


Helping over 100 students achieve more success with less stress!

We have students from all across the globe, and here are just some of their experiences with us.

Leading the way for change

Stephanie is someone I aspire to be like and I truly believe she is leading the way for change in the grooming industry - I'm proud to be part of the journey.

by Daniella Malcolm-Stewart

Woody's Holistic Grooming

It's like joining a new family!

I'm loving every second and learning so much. The support and attention to detail are also great! It's like you're joining a new family and gaining an insight into a new world of holistic grooming.

by Laura Thorpe

Our Dog's Choice

Definitely a learning curve!

Definitely a learning curve and how much more I need to look after myself. The course confirms exactly who and how I want to be but extra steps need to happen. Thank you so much for confirming this!


All In Dog Grooming & Concept Trainer

I'm so proud to be a part of this movement!

I'm so delighted to announce that I have passed my Holistic Groomer Diploma! I can now say that I am a certified Holistic Groomer; I am so proud to be part of a movement that genuinely puts its doggy client's emotional welfare first and strives for a more relaxed grooming experience. Thank you to the lovely Stephanie Zikmann, who is my mentor and has been such an inspiration through the course!

Lorna Williams

Barks & Bubbles Grooming