Holistic Grooming is an Ancient Practice

In ‘The Magic of Holistic Grooming’ by Stephanie Zikmann we read about the history of grooming and the biological proof that in fact, it is a healing practice naturally and instinctively passed down from generation to generation to enhance health, wellbeing and social structures within the family unit. This realisation is a wake-up call for many professional groomers and guardians today who are yet to discover the magic and healing benefits of holistic grooming and how it can benefit the relationships they share with their pets at home.

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Here is what our existing students have to say

Leading the way for change!

Daniella @ Woody's Holistic Grooming

Stephanie is someone I aspire to be like and I truly believe she is leading the way for change in the grooming industry - I'm proud to be part of the journey.

Loving every second!

Laura @ Our Dog's Choice Grooming

I'm loving every second and learning so much. The support and attention to detail are also great! It's like you're joining a new family and gaining an insight into a new world of holistic grooming.

The course confirms exactly who and how I want to be!

All In Dog Groomer and Concept Trainer.

Definitely a learning curve and how much more I need to look after myself. The course confirms exactly who and how I want to be but extra steps need to happen. Thank you so much for confirming this!

I'm So Proud!

Lorna @ Barks and Bubbles

I'm so delighted to announce that I have passed my Holistic Groomer Diploma! I can now say that I am a certified Holistic Groomer; I am so proud to be part of a movement that genuinely puts its doggy client's emotional welfare first and strives for a more relaxed grooming experience. Thank you to the lovely Stephanie Zikmann, who is my mentor and has been such an inspiration through the course!

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