Accredited Enhancer Courses Covering Behaviour and Low Stress Dog Grooming for Professionals & Carers

We are a global, multi-award-winning online learning space that delivers advanced enhancer courses to professional groomers, covering cooperative-based grooming methods for low stress results.

The education we provide our students is science-backed and endorsed by some of the world's leading scientists and animal welfare advocates giving you the additional reassurance that you are in safe hands.

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Do you struggle to groom "difficult" dogs? We can help you!


Hi, I'm Stephanie Zikmann.
I created The Holistic Grooming Academy for people just like you...

During my training days I quickly realised that the professional grooming curriculum lacked a great deal when considering the emotional needs of dogs and cats, and how to accommodate to their needs within the context of grooming.

It seemed obvious to me that the majority of animals in the salon were unhappy and distressed with the demands our roles bestowed upon them, and it made me curious to dig deeper to find out why that was.

I spent the next three years studying canine behaviour and psychology before obtaining my official qualification as a canine behaviourist, which then spurred me on to develop a course that would focus more on grooming from the animal's perspective.

Fast forward to today and I have helped well over 100 students lower stress in their salons while building their confidence and competence in handling "difficult" dogs and cats.


Why Join Us?

We are a supportive and inclusive community of qualified professional groomers, behaviourists and trainers with a passion for education.

We don't profess to know it all, but we promise to ensure the education you receive remains up-to-date and backed by the latest science giving you added peace of mind that you will never be taught outdated methods.

As a member of The Holistic Grooming Academy, you will be part of our community of passionate pet professionals who genuinely cheerlead for and share one another's successes.

We strongly believe in working together where every voice is valued, respected and heard.

Get Confident

You will feel confident and competent in safely handling and assessing dogs in a positive way and within the context of professional grooming.

You will be able to tell the difference between an "aggressive" dog and a fearful dog, and successfully devise a bespoke care plan for low-stress results.

Show Value

You will know exactly how to showcase the skills you learn in a way that demonstrates why the holistic approach to grooming is necessary for the dog's overall well-being.

Your new skills will help seal the deal with prospective dog carers looking for a specialised service that can accommodate their dog's needs.

Prevent Burnout

You will be guided through ways to implement self-care within your busy working environment to help manage stress and prevent burnout.

Learn to love your job again when we set tasks to remind you why you started, and how to reignite the enthusiasm and passion you once had when working with dogs.


If your budget is tight, why not join our monthly membership instead?

Get immediate access to our online resource hub where you can attend all of our events live and get access to the replays to watch back anytime.

There are far more benefits to joining the membership that we cannot wait for you to hear about!


£15.00 Monthly


The Holistic Grooming & Behaviour Diploma Accreditation

Get immediate access to the Accredited Holistic Diploma

(Please Note This Is An Advanced Course).

Start learning how to make the grooming experience less stressful for you and the animals you work with today and obtain your official Certification with us!

This course is approved by iPET and UK Rural Skills and involves around 320 hours of self-study over 24-months.

Please read our T&Cs before purchasing this course to ensure you are ready to start this journey!


Prerequisites Apply

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server and no personal details are saved.

The Holistic Grooming Academy Ethical Pledge

All students/members must comply with the Holistic Grooming Academy's Code of Ethics

  • Compassion

    Members must demonstrate a high level of compassion for others and hold back on judgement. It is important that members approach their practice with the individual needs of the animal in mind, and ensure that their needs are being considered at all times.

  • Choice

    Members must demonstrate an approach that considers the need for an animal to consent. Co-operation is built on trust using positive, force-free and updated techniques only. The use of outdated methods is not acceptable and would result on the immediate termination of their membership.

  • Care

    Members must put the needs of the animal and themselves before all else. This means appreciating that grooming is first and foremost the practice of care. Through a commitment to an updated education, members will be confident and competent in working from an animal perspective.

  • Creativity

    Members will be open to adapting their approach to grooming through careful observation and risk assessment. Understanding that there's no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach to grooming. Using a degree of creativity, members are dedicated to providing a bespoke service every time.

  • Commitment

    Members are expected to invest in their personal and business development by making the most of the available educational resources, and attending as many of them live as possible. They are committed to developing their practice using positive and updated techniques.

  • Consideration

    Members are willing to consider the needs of their peers, themselves and other animals and will remain supportive. Members respect other members right to privacy and discretion and will not discriminate, bully or intimidate anyone which would subsequently result in the immediate termination of membership.

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