• What is the structure of the courses?

    Unless otherwise specified, all courses are distance-learning and accessible to complete online within the given timeframe. You will therefore require access to the internet to download course content and gain access to the online membership dashboard.

  • What do I need to do to pass the Holistic Grooming Diploma?

    The Holistic Grooming Diploma involves an element of written and practical demonstration assignments that can be recorded on your phone or an alternative device. Your tutor may request that you perform a certain technique live via Zoom, Teams of StreamYard.

  • What qualification do I get at the end of the course?

    Some courses are designed only to broaden your understanding. Our diplomas have been approved via CPDUK and accredited via the world-renowned Complementary Medical Association. At the end of the Diploma courses, students will be able to say they are “certified in”.

  • Why do the monthly instalments total more than the upfront fee?

    As with any product-based service, the monthly instalments have interest added to them to compensate for the additional admin fees required in processing more than one payment.

  • What if I dislike the course and want a refund?

    When you are initially accepted onto a course you have 14 days to cancel your order, which you must do via writing or e-mail as soon as possible. If you would like to receive your course content promptly, you can opt out of the cooling-off period by e-mailing upon processing your payment. Due to the product being digital, we are unable to offer a refund (in part or in whole) once course material has been sent.

  • Can I save money by opting out of the student pack?

    No - the student pack is included in the price of the course as a thank you for investing in the Holistic Grooming Academy. If you are an international student and do not want to pay the postage fee for the pack, you can opt-out of the student pack but this will not deduct any money from the price of the course.

  • Will the course become a qualification at any point?

    We hope so. The Holistic Grooming Academy is working hard behind the scenes to repurpose our Diploma into a practical qualification for all training centres to embrace. There will however be strict prerequisites for training centres wishing to add the forthcoming qualification version of the diploma to their repertoire of courses. More on this coming soon!

  • Why do I need to be training or a professional and/or qualified groomer?

    It is important that students taking this course are competent in the technical art form of styling dogs and have received the appropriate training to work with dogs in a professional grooming capacity. This is to ensure competency in using grooming equipment and tools. This course will not teach you how to be a professional stylist, it will teach you how to be a holistic groomer.

  • Is this a recognised course?

    We think so. The Holistic Grooming Academy is working hard to build credence across the Pet Professional Sector as a Distance Learning Provider and has already obtained ‘approved’ status via CPDUK and accreditation through the Complementary Medical Association. As the Academy grows, we will be pushing for City and Guilds Assurance too. Since this is the first-ever Accredited Holistic Grooming Course, we are proud to be paving the way for a new way of grooming and are already well-known in the Pet Industry as advocates for a more canine-centred grooming industry too.