Dear Doting Pet Parent,

If you have been diverted here the chances are you are thinking about taking your pet to a groomer who is studying with The Holistic Grooming Academy - this is GREAT news!

A professional groomer displaying the HGA Members logo means that they are dedicated in learning ethical, science-endorsed ways of conducting their practice in an animal-centred way. They support and advocate for a positive, low-stress grooming environment and are obliged to carry out grooming tasks using cooperative techniques. Rest assured all HGA students are against the use of punishment, and will not use any aversive tools in their practice. They rely on you, the pet parent, being patient and supportive of this approach and we ask that you respect our methods and trust that they are in place to provide your pet with the very best, and science-backed standard of care.

Members Pledge:

Disclaimer: The HGA must stress that although we have measures in place to safeguard the pledge and ethics, we rely on an element of trust and cooperation from both the general public and our members.

  • To only use positive, non-dominant based methods when caring for your pet.

  • To be totally transparent with their approach to caring for your pet and will offer you a bespoke care plan to suit the individual needs of your pet.

  • To work with your pet using consent and choice to encourage cooperation and trust.

  • To never use restraints with aversive tools that will cause your pet unnecessary emotional and/or physical suffering.

  • To be honest with you at all times and offer you advice based on their knowledge and skill-set. They will refer you to the appropriate professional in cases where they feel they can’t help.

  • To adhere to the code of ethics of the HGA so long as their membership continues, and understands that failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of their membership with the Holistic Grooming Academy.