Dear Guardian,

Please read this note to understand what the HGA Logo means

If you have been directed to this page, you have enquired or received a grooming service from one of the Holistic Grooming Academy’s dedicated Members. This logo reflects an unwavering ethical devotion to the care of your pet through ongoing investment in an updated education, and active practicing of positive, animal-centred care. The Holistic Grooming Academy Membership has been designed for professional groomers who wish to enhance their skill set and ability to handle the animals in their care using up-to-date, positive techniques, safe handling and respect. This means that they will not endorse nor support outdated methods of care including those that fall under the dominance and alpha theory. Additionally, they will not resort to using aversive tools and/or punishment in the care of your beloved pet. Instead, their dedication to learning as much about the behaviour and communication of your animal means that they will seek to encourage co-operation and consent through a range of ethical, positive and science-backed methods that consider the animal’s individual needs, lifestyle and welfare requirements. Additionally, customer service and the guardian experience is a crucial part of their service and all members are passionate about providing gentle guidance and advice to all when it comes to their professional trade. The HGA believe that the health and wellbeing of an animal should always come before the aesthetic demands of Professional Styling - this means in some circumstances, it may not be in your pets best interests to complete a groom from beginning to end in one session, or to provide a show-standard trim. We ask that guardians are mindful of their pets needs when it comes to expectations.

Members Pledge:

Disclaimer: The HGA must stress that although we have measures in place to safeguard the pledge and ethics, we rely on an element of trust and cooperation from both the general public and our members.

  • To only use positive, non-dominant based methods when caring for your pet.

  • To be totally transparent with their approach to caring for your pet and will offer you a bespoke care plan to suit the individual needs of your pet.

  • To work with your pet using consent and choice to encourage cooperation and trust.

  • To never use restraints with aversive tools that will cause your pet unnecessary emotional and/or physical suffering.

  • To be honest with you at all times and offer you advice based on their knowledge and skill-set. They will refer you to the appropriate professional in cases where they feel they can’t help.

  • To adhere to the code of ethics of the HGA so long as their membership continues, and understands that failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of their membership with the Holistic Grooming Academy.