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    1. To Do List:

    2. Welcome to Unit Two - Behaviour-Applied To Grooming with Stephanie Zikmann

    1. Grooming Observation Video Exercise

    2. Multiple Choice Assessment For Grooming Observation Exercise

    1. Common FAQs

    2. Resources and Recommended Reading

    3. Workbook Template Unit 2

    4. Unit Layout Example

    5. Pain in Pets E-Book by Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte BVSC(honsII) – The Healing Vet

    6. Jayne Dendle Webinar on The Flaws of Breed Specific Legislation

    7. Dr Isla Fishburn talks about Energy and Cellular Connection of Animals in the Grooming Environment

    8. Live Discussion: Andrew Hale and Stephanie Zikmann talk about the Grooming Industry and the relevance of Canine Behaviour.

    9. Stephanie Zikmann's Canine Stress Gauge Download

    10. Five Domains Update 2020 Review Document for Assessing Welfare and Quality of Life

    1. CPD Study Hours Tracker - Remember to fill out your template!

    2. Behaviour Observation Test

    3. Case Study 1 - Rover

    4. Unit Two Assessment

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