Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Breeder Considerations When Choosing A Pup

  3. 3
    • An Introduction to Grooming At Home

    • Grooming Tools Essentials

    • A List of Recommended Tools and Products With Links

  4. 4
    • Setting Routines and Responsibilities

    • Safe Children Interaction - Setting Boundaries

    • Safe Bonding Activities for Children

  5. 5
    • Energy and Emotion

    • The Canine Perspective

    • Basic Behaviour and Calming Signals

    • Identifying Stress, Pain, Fear and Anxiety

  6. 6
    • The basics of safe-handling and what it means.

  7. 7
    • Matt Protocol

    • Table Protocol

    • The Bucket Game

    • The Chin Rest

  8. 8
    • Introducing Grooming To Puppies - Where It Begins.

    • Finding The Right Puppy Socialisation Classes

    • A Breakdown of Puppy University

  9. 9
    • Finding The Right Professional Groomer

    • Finding The Best Dog Trainer

    • Finding The Best Doggy Day Care Centre

  10. 10
    • Step One: Basic Handling Introductions

    • Step Two: Introducing Brushing

    • Step Three: Bathing A Dog

    • Step Four: Introducing The Dryer

    • Step Five: Introducing Basic Matt Removal

    • Step Six: Introducing Basic Styling

About Course Author

Multi-Award-Winning Holistic Dog Groomer & Certified Canine Behaviourist

The Holistic Dog Groomer

Stephanie Zikmann

Multi-Award Winning Holistic Dog Groomer, Certified Canine Behaviourist, Qualified and Insured Microchip Implanter, KAD Instructor, and Pet Ambassador Dog Trainer. Professional Writer for Edition Dog Magazine. Featured in BBC Scotland, Entrepreneur Europe, Whippet Media, The Paw Post, K9 Nation, Barket Place, Bark Aid, Thrive Global, and Medium. Number One Amazon Bestselling Author of 'The Magic of Holistic Grooming' and children's picture book, 'I Can Be A Dog Detective!'. Mother of two human-children and four of the furry variety too!