Please find below some of the amazing incentives for partaking in this course.

  • Designated tutor with over 20 years of experience.

  • Online supportive community of holistic groomers.

  • Business listing on the only Global Holistic Grooming Directory.

  • Free access to Holistic Grooming Academy membership with an array of pre-recorded and live webinars, Q&A's and other educational resources!

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • Add Business Listing on Global Holistic Grooming Directory

    • HGA Member Logo

    • Marking Criteria Guidance

    • Download the workbook

  2. 3
    • Course Content

  3. 4
    • What Is Holistic Cat Grooming?

  4. 5
    • Recognising Fear and Anxiety in Cats

  5. 6
    • Unit 4 - Safe Equipment and Aversive Equipment

  6. 7
    • Emma Demonstrates Safe Handling with Cats

  7. 8
    • Course Content

  8. 9
    • Course Content

  9. 10
    • Business Case File Assessment

  10. 11
    • Well Done!

    • Course Feedback

    • Final Exam


Holistic Cat Groomer

Emma Chapman

Hi, I'm Emma, I've been grooming since 1993. I began my grooming journey straight from school and was brought up in what you'd call a 'traditional' grooming environment. 11 years later I moved on to a friend's salon and began questioning the way I was doing things. Over the next 11 years I developed my kindness and compassion and learnt about the behaviour of the animals I was working on. In 2017 after a short break from grooming I turned cat exclusive offering a house call service. I'm a huge believer in behaviour knowledge and grooming skills going hand in hand and working in an appropriate way for each individual animal. I am a certified Fear Free groomer, I hold a level 3 certificate in Feline Psychology & Behaviour an advanced certificate in Feline Stress and anxiety and I am a qualified Animal Bach Flower Remedy Counseller. My passion is to teach other groomers that we need to realise how our grooming impacts the lives of the animals we are working on. I choose comfort over vanity every time. If I can change my ways, anyone can.