Find below the Terms and Conditions


Please read the below information carefully before submitting your application and/or registering for the membership. 


Please note that The Holistic Dog Groomer and The Holistic Dog Grooming Academy are not responsible for the productivity and/or success of you and your business.

As a student of The Holistic Grooming Academy and Mentee of The Holistic Dog Groomer, it is crucial you are honest at all times to receive the best service.

Failure to disclose any of the below information correctly may result in the termination of your membership.

While we may offer you advice and guidance based on our own experience, we are not accountants or lawyers, and therefore all students must do their own due diligence before making decisions for themselves and their businesses.

Neither the course nor mentorship is transferable - they cannot be gifted to another person unless at the discretion of Stephanie Zikmann.


For complaints, you may contact Stephanie via and express your concern(s), please allow up to 7-14 working days for a response but rest assured your enquiry will be answered. 


Our Diplomas are accredited through The Complementary Medical Association and Certified via CPDUK.

The content has been designed to enhance the professional groomer's existing knowledge and skills through education in Canine Behaviour, Safe-Handling, Observation, Communication, Self-Care, Customer Relationships, and Basic Business Skills.

All content within the Academy and as part of the mentorship is strictly confidential and copyrighted. You may not share, screen-shot or similar any of the resources and/or information you receive as a student of the Academy or Mentee of The Holistic Dog Groomer.

The Holistic Grooming Academy will be sure to keep updating course content to ensure it complies with up-to-date methods however, it is the responsibility of the student to do their own due diligence when carrying out their professional roles, and to keep updated upon completion of the course, and for the rest of their lives.


As a graduate of one of our Diplomas via The Holistic Grooming Academy, you will be able to use the "Certified in Holistic Grooming/Holistic Cat Grooming" logo on your social outlets, and business marketing material.

You will receive access to the Student Members Group for the duration of your studies, where you will receive further discounts on all future material/merchandise within the Academy. 

The group will continue to host an array of live educational events (online and physical) from industry experts and offer a safe, and supportive community of learners sharing the same ethical values. 

You will additionally receive exclusive discounts on our affiliated pet industry businesses. 


The cost of this course is currently fixed at £999. 

Students have twelve months with tutor and inclusive resource support from the date they receive their course content, and a further 12 months DIY to complete, and pass their course. You can hire a tutor for an additional month support after the twelve months for an additional £50.00.

Students have one inclusive resubmission per unit to pass. Additional submissions thereafter will incur a fee of £50 per Unit. Please make sure you let your tutor know if you are struggling.

ALL applicants are required to pay the course in full upon initial registration. For more on our cancellation policy please read on.


The price of the Accreditation Courses may increase with each New Year as per inflation.

The price of our membership is subject to change at any time unless you have opted for a yearly subscription which will lock the price for the year.

You will receive an e-mail from to confirm whether your application for one of our courses has been successful, and what steps to take next. 

Upon registering for the membership, you will receive an email from The Holistic Grooming Academy upon successful completion and instant access will be granted within our Thinkific Membership Platform.


Unfortunately we are no longer providing payment plan options due to a number of students breaching their contract costing the Academy money on legal battles that could have been spent on sourcing and investing in more webinars for our students. 


There is a 14-day cooling-off period from the date you make your initial deposit for any of the HGA Courses as per the Consumers Contract Regulations.

In order to receive a refund, you must write to Founder, Stephanie directly ( within those 14-days.

No refunds will be given if you wish to cancel out-with the 14-days as per the Consumers Contract Regulations.


Due to the immediate and digital nature of the membership, we cannot recover information you may have downloaded and as such, we are unable to process any refund if a member chooses to cancel their membership. 


Those signing up for the HGA Membership can opt to pay £15 per month for access to the hub and private group, or an annual subscription of £180 (GBP). 

Graduate students wishing to continue their access to our resource hub after they have obtained their certification must also sign up to the HGA's monthly membership of £15.00 per calendar month.

Otherwise, graduates are more than welcome to remain and/or join our FREE 'Holistic Grooming for Groomers' group with free access to an array of support, and interviews with leading pet professional experts around the world. 


Any bullying, discrimination, shaming, name-bashing, or slander of any kind towards others including students of the Holistic Grooming Academy, or towards The Holistic Dog Groomer herself will result in the immediate removal of the academy without a refund.


Membership and certification can be terminated immediately in the event a student/member shows a disregard for HGA ethics. This means the use of any form of aversive and/or outdated tools, methods or practice whether professionally or in the care of their own pets. 

This decision can be appealed via and a period of 14-days can be granted to the student/member to submit their own evidence before a final decision is made. 

In the event certification and/or membership is revoked, no refunds will be given. 

Outdated practices include the use of aversive methods and tools and ideologies that are harmful and/or scaremongering in nature. 

If you are reported to be in breach of the HGA ethics, you can appeal to our support team via e-mail ( Evidence should be provided at this time. Evidence should be time-stamped where appropriate.

If you are reporting an individual for suspected ill-practice, you must do so via our support team ( with evidence. Evidence should be time-stamped where appropriate. 

Additionally, enrolling and paying for our courses/membership does not guarantee you will pass. All students/affiliates/associates/members of the HGA must share the same high standards of ethics, and be able to consistently demonstrate them in their practice for the duration of their term with the HGA. 


It is important to the HGA that we spot-check our existing and former students to safeguard the standard of service conducted in the Certified Holistic Groomer's working practice. 

Should one of the HGA's Certified Holistic Groomers demonstrate outdated practices that prove to be harmful to an animal or bullying and/or discrimination of others, it is the responsibility and duty of care of the HGA to revoke certification effective immediately. Please note, no refunds will be given for this inconvenience. 

All students are entitled to a one-strike policy where they must agree to amend their current practice to comply with the HGA ethics. In this instance, they will be placed on a probation period of 6-months. This includes random spot-checks and mystery shopping scenarios which they must pass before their Certification can be re-applied. 

We hope that you understand the reason for this policy is to ensure your investment and achievement remains one to be proud of.

All certifications last a duration of THREE YEARS before they need renewed via a refresher course and exam. This is optional however affiliation with the HGA relies on students committing to a refresher.


If a member shows a breach of membership ethics through the use of dominance-based and/or aversive methods, or have been shown to bully and/or discriminate against another individual their membership will be terminated immediately and they must remove all HGA logos from their business platforms and material.


Please remember that this is an ever-evolving community and it is our mission to provide the most accurate and up-to-date methods of positive-based grooming. If you are not happy, we want to know!